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Cable Tray in the tunnel at Thompson Hydro    
MCC room at Thompson Hydro
Lincoln School
 Heritage Center
Black Bear 1MW Solar Field
Duluth Transit Authority's Multi Modal Station
Maurices Headquarters
One of our members found this fawn that fell into a water tank.


Here is a short synopsis of operation “Bambi rescue”.


I received a call from one of our guys requesting assistance near a material staging area. When I pulled up, I could see a small fawn laying down in an old cut down plastic drum partially filled with water. The sides of the drum were about 12” tall and there was a pallet laying on the ground next to it. The fawn must have used the pallet as a step to gain access into the drum, but once inside his/her hoofs slid out on the slippery bottom and could not stand back up. The mom was about 30 yards away keeping a close eye on the situation. I put on a clean pair of gloves and picked him/her up and set aside in the dry warm grass. We vacated the area to give mom a chance to take care of her baby. I checked back a few hours later and both the fawn and doe were gone.


                                    Wiggy is turning 49!                                                                                                                                                                                     
                                                                                                                 DANGER- High Voltage!!
MCC Room
 Norm and Don cooking at the annual picnic.


                                                                                                                                                 Annual dad's day golf tournament



       Having a great time in the first snowfall of 2020!

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