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Welcome to the IBEW 242

When you hire IBEW and IBEW affiliated contractors you get:


Un-Exhaustible Hiring Hall

When you hire one of our union contractors, or if your company signs with the IBEW, you have exclusive access to over 500 highly trained members. We are capable of supplying highly trained apprentices, licensed journeymen, and foremen for any project that you want to do. Even on a busy year we have the ability to reach out to other locals in the state and surrounding areas to aquire the same highly trained electricians to meet your needs.


Uniformed wages and benefits

Our members all get paid the same. Whether you are looking at doing Residential, Commerical, or Industrial, all Journeymen are paid the same as well as Foremen. This is consistency when bidding work. You dont have to worry about workers making different scales and the headaches that come with trying to figure out the labor costs on a job. You know exactly what everyone is making prior to any job you may be looking to bid. You dont have to worry about negotiating wages and benefits when hiring someone new. 


Highly Skilled Labor

We've all heard that there is a shortage of skilled labor in the U.S. Our members are the highest skilled, most efficient electricians in the area. The reason is because they understand what unions stand for and are extremely proud of being a union electrician. Being highly skilled is also being extremely proud of the work you do. Our members have the most pride when it comes to doing a job on time, on budget, the first time. Give us a chance and we will prove we are the best in the area for whatever needs you have!



Our apprentices go through an extensive 5 year apprenticeship. This includes 8,000 hours of on the job training and a minimum of 180 hours of classroom training per year. All the material taught is from our National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (NJATC). This means standardization of all materials taught to all apprentices throughout the nation. There is no wondering what an apprentice has been taught. We rotate our apprentices often so they become well rounded in the different areas of the electrical field: Residential, Commerical, and Indusrtial. Our apprentices work hand in hand with our highly skilled journeymen that teach them the how to's and what not's of the electrical industry.

If you would like to know more about the National Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (NJATC) please visit this site:

 If you would like to know more about IBEW Local 242's apprenticeship and would like to apply for an apprenticeship please visit this site:




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