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            Every year there is an event put on by the area trades unions called Construct Tomorrow. At Construct Tomorrow, area high schoolers are invited to attend this event to get an idea of what trades are in the area and have the chance to talk to tradesmen about the different trades. This gives the kids a chance to see that there are other options than going to college. The best part about union apprenticeships is you have no student loans when you graduate! Isn't that AWESOME?!?  

           At this event we explain what its like to be an electrician. We have a mini scale wire pull set up so kids can experiance what it is like to work as a team to get the job done. We explain how SAFETY is #1, so we have them put gloves and safety glasses on to mimic being in the field. Then we work with them to explain how a wire pull is suppose  to be performed in the field as well as what issues can happen during a wire pull. We explain the benefits of being in a union and how THEY have a voice in workplace safety and working conditions. Here are a few pictures from past Construct Tomorrow's!



Here are a few articles about Construct Tomorrow.

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